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 Goblin Lord

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PostSubject: Goblin Lord   Thu Nov 10, 2011 6:04 pm

Goblin Lord Quest

You need to get a key off a dead Goblin, it is a random treasure in Nork -1.
You go to the South East area of Nork -1 and open the locked door with key.
You kill the Goblin Lord, and take his key and purple gem.
You take the purple gem to the other locked door in the room and show it to Pelagus.

1)Hold the purple gem in right hand and tell Pelagis..."Pelagis, proof" He will then give you a ring.

2)Hold both the purple gem and the ring Pelagis gives you, and tell Gennetta... "Gennetta, Pelagis"

NOTE: Gennetta can be found in random places on n-1. She moves around to another place when she gives you the amulet (just like Annalie moves around Nork town when you complete the Lizard King quest).

3)Finally, drop both amulet and gem on Hector's square/hex and tell him "Hector, make heirloom". Hector is in a room adjacent to the staircase that goes down to n-1--- the one that's near the Martial Artist trainer.

Hector will give you a 1/1 ring with level 2 fire and ice protect. .
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Goblin Lord
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