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 Rat Burrow Sash

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Rat Burrow Sash Empty
PostSubject: Rat Burrow Sash   Rat Burrow Sash EmptySun Nov 13, 2011 4:41 pm

Rat Burrow Sash

This is a Long quest.
First you should kill a rat and bring it to Mungo and tell him rat.
Next go to the Mayor and tell him Mission.
He will tell you to get the Egg of the Webweaver, Axe of the Heathen, Axe of the Bull, and Egg of the Icedrake.
You must find the Sanquins in the sw portions of -3.5 and kill them till you find an egg.
Next you find the Spider Queen in the NE corner and kill her and take her egg.
Next you find the Dark Guard in the SW area and kill him and take his axe.
Then you find the Mino who wanders around in the ne part of -3.5. Kill him and take his axe.
Then bring them all back to the Mayor in Rat Town and drop them. Tell him Egg of the IceDrake, Egg of the WebWeaver, Axe of the Heathen, Axe of the Bull. and he will give you the Rat Sash, which is 2/2 with CC.
Also allows you to use the teleport to the Nork Lockers, and the boat to Aleria.

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Rat Burrow Sash
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