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 Volcano Town Silver Dragon

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Volcano Town Silver Dragon Empty
PostSubject: Volcano Town Silver Dragon   Volcano Town Silver Dragon EmptySun Nov 13, 2011 4:45 pm

Volcano Town Silver Dragon

First thing first. Go in N-6 and find Jerediak. Once you did find him, and kill all the hostile NPCs around him, say "Jerediak, hello" he will tell you to report to Talbot the name of the traitor.

Volcano Town Silver Dragon SD1

Once you get the name of the traitor, find Talbot ( not so easy to do...) and tell him the name of the traitor. He will enchant you. This allows you to pass the tide that prevents you from the climb up to the Silver Dragon lair.

The lair is situated, east of Volcano Town and north of Red Dragon lair. Where I stand, is the only place twiggable.

Volcano Town Silver Dragon SD3
Now it is time to climb up, and kill the Silver Dragon.
Once killed, tan him, and you have a nice Silver Dragon Armor, which ties to you and some Lightning Bracers !!

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Volcano Town Silver Dragon
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