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 Mentalist Skill and Tier Info

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Mentalist Skill and Tier Info Empty
PostSubject: Mentalist Skill and Tier Info   Mentalist Skill and Tier Info EmptyFri Jan 06, 2012 5:21 pm

Mentalist Skill and Tier Info
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Skills and Tier Info
Level Skill Info Gained Ability
- 1 Command: Form Enmiss
Ep cost: 5 Ep
You shoot a missle of pure energy at your target
- 2 Command: Form Detect
Ep cost: 10 Ep
This enchantment gives the ability to see illusionary walls
- 3 Command: Form sense
Ep cost: 10 Ep
Sences properties of items. At higer levels allows you to sense hidden properties of items.
- 4 Command: Form Resperate
Ep cost: 20 Ep
Enchantment that keeps you from drowning allowing you to move full speed in water
- 5 Command: Form Protfire
Ep cost: 10 Ep
This absorbs some of the damage delt by fire
- 6 Command: Form Illusion
Ep cost: 25 Ep
Forms an illusion of fire/water/snow/wall on target hex

Command: Form Fireball
Ep cost: 10 Ep
You let forth a blaze of fire. 3x3 area of effect
Illusion, Fireball
- 7 Command: Form Protice
Ep cost: 20 Ep
This absorbs some of the damage delt by ice
- 8 Command: Form Icestorm
Ep cost: 15 Ep
You let forth a storm of ice. 3x3 area of effect
- 9 Command: Form Firebreath
Ep cost: 50 Ep
You set forth a hot fiery liquid. 5x5 area of effect

Command: Form Door
Ep cost: 10 Ep
Allows you to create a door in some walls.
Firebreath, Door
- 10 Command: Form Transmute
Ep cost: 10 Ep
You turn items on your hex into coins, less then the items actual worth.

Command: Form Darkness
Ep cost: 10 Ep
Forms a darkness area. 3x3 area of effect.
Transmute, Darkness
- 11 Command: Form Blast
Ep cost: 20 Ep
You let out an exlosive force. 3x3 area of effect.

Command: Form Infravision
Ep cost: 25 Ep
This enchantment will let you see through darkness, can only be cast on others once you reach skill 12.

Command: Form Disintegrate
Ep cost: 10 Ep
You let forth a destructive force that destroys walls and small items on screen
Blast, Infravision, Disintegrate
- 12 Command: Form Enchant
Ep cost: 30 Ep
You Enchant items using your mental power
Skill 12 = 3 enchant
Skill 17 = 5 (lose Perm hp doing 5)
Skill 19 = 6 (Lose perm hp)
Skill 20 = 7 (lose perm hp)
Skill 21 = 8 (lose perm hp, exp, brings con to 4
Skill 24 = 9 (lose perm hp, exp, brings con to 4

Command: Form Imbue
Ep cost: 30 Ep
You imbue items with the discs you know using your mental power
Skill 12 = your able to recharge disc twigs
Skill 17 = your able to embue golden bracers. takes perm hp.
Only discs gained at half of the ments's current skill level can be imbued in items
every 40-50 embues the ment loses 3-5 con.
Example: At skill 30, the discs you imbue will be skill 15 in strength.

Command: Form Findfriendly
Ep cost: 30 Ep
You bring forth a friendly creature to assist you.
Skill 12 = Bear
Skill 14 = Roc
Skill 17 = Red dragon
Skill 25 = Silver dragon

Command: Form Energyshield
Ep cost: 20 Ep
This absorbs some of the physical damage delt to you
Enchant, Imbue, Findfriendly, Energyshield
- 13 Command: Form Icebreath
Ep cost: 55 Ep
You set forth a freezing storm of hail.
Command: Form Acidbreath
Ep cost: 10 Ep
You set forth a corrosive pool of acid. 3x3 area of effect
Requires cob to gain disc.
Icebreath, Acidbreath
- 14 Command: Form Energyspear
Ep cost: 35 Ep
You shoot a piercing spear of pure energy at your target.
Can stun the target.

Command: Form absorbtion
Ep cost: 20 Ep
This absorbs some of the magical damage delt to you, also stops most poison by absorbing it when combined with energyshield.

Command: Form Push
Ep cost: 15 Ep
You channel your mental energy to push your target.
Energyspear, Absorption, Push
- 15 Command: Form Scry
Ep cost: 25 Ep
See through the eyes of your target for a short period.

Command: Form Featherfall
Ep cost: 30 Ep
Makes you recieve no damage from falling aswell as preventing round loss when proned.

Command: Form Confusion
Ep cost: 25 Ep
Confuses your target causing them to attack at random for afew rounds.
Confusion, Scry, Featherfall
- 16 Command: Form Earthcrush
Ep cost: 100 Ep
Causes the weight of the ground to crash down on targets hex. Area of effect hitting all on the hex.
- 17 Command: Form Limitedinvis
Ep cost: 20 Ep
You or your target becomes invisable to some crits, doesn't work on lairs!
Attacking cancels the disc.

Command: Form Deplete
Ep cost: 100 Ep
Removes enchantments and drains ep of target.
Attacking cancels the disc.
LimitedInvis, Deplete
- 18 Command: Form Psimirror
Ep cost: 100 Ep
Forms a barrier around you or your target that will reflect spells back to the caster.

Command: Form Shockwave
Ep cost: 100 Ep
You unleash a destructive force around you, breaking walls and causing alot of damage. 3x3 area of effect

Command: Form Passwall
Ep cost: 20 Ep
You or your target phases out and is able to pass through solid walls.
Psimirror, Shockwave, Passwall
- 19 Command: Form Teleport location-name
Ep cost: 50 Ep
Teleports you to memorized location.
to memorize: #memorize "location name"
can have a total of 80 locations, 20 in alt 1, 20 in alt 2, 20 in cob, 20 in aleria
- 20 Command: Form Haste
Ep cost: 25 Ep
Doubles you or your targets actions per round, doubles movement speed, can cost the caster agility.
- 21 Ep cost: 100 Ep
Command: Form Massteleport
You teleport all players on your hex to a memorized location.
- 22 Command: Form Energysiphon
Ep cost: 10 Ep
You take energy points away from your target and add them to your own pool, can effectively boost your ep to twice thier base.
ex: 600/600 can become 1200/600
- 23 Command: Form Corspray
Ep cost: 200 Ep
You blast your target with energy damaging thier armor.
- 24 Command: Form Energylance
Ep cost: 250 Ep
You launch a massive bolt of energy at the target.
- 25
Boosts the damage of Fireball, Firebreath by 50% 50% Fire damage boost
- 26 Boosts the damage of Icestorm, Icebreath by 50%
50% Ice damage boost
- 27 Boosts the damage of Earthcrush by 50%
50% Earth damage boost
- 28 Boosts the damage of Enmiss, Espear, Elance by 50%
50% Energy damage boost
- 29 Boosts the damage of Fireball, Firebreath by 50%
25% Fire damage boost
- 30 - -
35 - Command: xForm 112
Ep cost: 50 Ep
You channel nash's fury into a spear of direct damage.
Nash Fury Tier
36 - Command: xForm 113
Ep cost: 60 Ep
Target suddenly feels Entombed receiving direct damage.
Borns Entombment Tier
37 - Command: xForm 114
Ep cost: 60 Ep
You launch a spear of light, dealing direct damage.
Spear of Light Tier
41 - Command: xForm 115
Ep cost: 90 Ep
You launch a flaming spear of energy, dealing fire damage.
Spear of Flame Tier
42 - Command: xForm 116
Ep cost: 90 Ep
You launch a freezing spear of energy, dealing ice damage.
Spear of Ice Tier
48 - Command: xForm 117
Ep cost: 100 Ep
A rebellious fury of energy shot at target causing energy damage.
Rebellious Fury Tier
50 - Command: xForm 118
Ep cost: 200 Ep
Lacking cohesive order, this anarchic energy causes severe direct damage when used on a target.
Anarchy Tier
55 - Command: xForm 119
Ep cost: 500 Ep
A chaotic energy causing direct damage over time.
Chaos Tier
55 - Command: xForm 120
Ep cost: 50 Ep
Summons a friendly guardian to assist you.
only in nl can the guardian be summoned.
Guardian Tier
60 - Command: xForm ?
Ep cost: 200 Ep
A mass of fiery energy causing fire damage.
Infernic Spear Tier
65 32 Command: xForm ?
Ep cost: ? Ep
Brings forth a powerful tempuric snow storm, causing severe ice damage in a 3x3 area for 3 rounds.
Tempuric Snow Storm Tier
70 34 Command: xForm 502
Ep cost: 600 Ep
A powerful damage over time spell with a blinding effect
Illuminic Hammer Tier
- 31 You can now memorize a total of 96 locations.
24 Nork alt 1, 24 Nork alt 2
24 Cob, 24 Aleria
you also gain another 5ep regen per round
Increased teleport locations per server ( 4). 5 boost to ep regen per round
- 32 You gain 100 ep over your max.
100 floating max energy points
- 33 Boosts the damage of Fireball, Firebreath, Spear of flame, Infernic spear by 15%
All fire based damage increases by 15%
- 34 Boosts the damage of Icestorm, Icebreath, Spear of ice, Tempuric snow storm by 15%
All ice damage 15%
- 35 Detect,
Respirate, Protfire, Protice, Infravision, Energyshield, Absorption,
Featherfall, LimitedInvis, Passwall, Haste durations increased by 1round
per skill lvl.
ex. at skill 34, if protfire lasts 100 rounds, at skill 35, protfire would last 135 rounds.
All non-primal "buff" durations increased by 1round/skill level
- 36 Boosts the damage of Enmiss, Espear, Elance, Rebellious fury by 15%
All energy based damage 15%
- 37 Absorption, Protfire, Protice discs are as effective as a lvl 111 skill disc.
Increased absorption/protfire/protice discs by 3 times current skill level
- 38 Gain an additional 5 ep regen per round, corspray enhanced
Mentalist gains 5 additional EP regen per round, damage from Corspray/related abilities is increased
- 39 Boosts the Acidbreath by 30%, no other spells based on acid/lightning?
All lightning/acid based attacks increased by 30%
Tier Info
Xform Name Effect Recast Ep Cost Lvl Req.
112 Nash fury 1k direct damage
2 Rounds 50 Ep 35
113 Borns Entombment 1k direct damage
2 Rounds 60 Ep 36
114 Spear of Light 1k direct damage
2 Rounds 60 Ep 37
115 Spear of Flame 2k fire damage

2 Rounds 90 Ep 41
116 Spear of Ice 2k ice damage
2 Rounds 90 Ep 42
117 Rebellious fury 2.5k energy damage
2 Rounds 100 Ep 48
118 Anarchy 6k direct damage
10 Rounds 200 Ep 50
119 Chaos 2k Direct dmg each round
Lasts 4 rounds
30 Rounds 500 Ep 55
120 Guardian Summon a friendly gaurdian in NL only
1 Round 50 Ep 55
? Infernic spear 3k Fire damage
1 Round 200 Ep 60
501 Tempuric snow storm 2700 Ice damage
Area of effect (3x3)
Lasts 3 rounds
(Requires skill 32)
3 Rounds 400 ep 65
503 Tempuric fire storm 2700 fire damage
Area of effect (5x5)
Lasts 3 rounds
(Requires skill 34)
3 Rounds 500 ep 70
502 Illuminic Hammer 4000 damage
2 round dot
(Requires skill 34)
1 round 600 ep 70
Lightning of Constriction X damage
x round dot
(requires skill 38)

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Mentalist Skill and Tier Info
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