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 Paladin Skill and Tier Info

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Paladin Skill and Tier Info Empty
PostSubject: Paladin Skill and Tier Info   Paladin Skill and Tier Info EmptyFri Jan 06, 2012 5:37 pm

Paladin Skill and Tier Info
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Skills and Tier Info
Paladins gain 2 willpower upon dedicating.
Paladins also gain additional combat bonuses.
All Focus abilites lower your own defense when used.
Level Skill Click to show/hide info Gained Ability
- 15 You can charge at your opponents, comes in handy to finish off running crits.
Charge: Charge at target opponent, can charge further as your skill gets higher
- 17 Command: Focus parry
While parried, you increase your blocking.
you can search, Move around while parried.
Attacking will cancel the parry stance.
- 18 Command: Focus strike
An attack that hits harder then normal attacks.
Beomes your main attack for awhile.
- 19 Command: Focus Blindstrike
Allows you to strike an enemy while blind or in darkness.
- 20 Command: Focus Multistrike
An attack that hits multiple targets on your hex, amount of enemies you can hit depends on skill.
- 21 Command: Focus Boost
Boosts your Strength and agility by 2 points for a short time.

Command: Focus Thruststrike
Similar to charge, you thrust your self at your target.
Boost, ThrustStrike
- 22 Command: Focus PowerStrike
A single powerful blow to your target.
- 23 Command: Focus Defend
Increases your targets defense while decreasing yours.
Target should be on your hex.
- 24 Command: Focus superboost
Boosts your Strength and agility by 5 points, and your movement by 1 for a short time.
- 25 Command: Focus Armorstrike
Allows you to strike your opponent twice in one round for great damage.
- 26 Command: Focus ultraboost
Boosts your Strength and agility by 8 points, and your movement by 1 for a short time.
- 27 Command: Focus MaxStrike
Allows you to strike your opponent twice in one round for greater damage
- 28 Command: Focus Disarm
Has a chance to disarm your opponent, forcing them to put away their weapon for afew rounds.

Command: Focus HealingTouch
Heals you for most of your hp up too 1020hp per heal, will also cure poison or blind.
Disarm, HealingTouch
- 29 Command: Focus Pierce
Gain a bonus to your to-hit for the attack, suppose to penetrate armor better.
- 30 - -
35 - Command: xForm 100
You gain 50 Armor class.
Shield of Courage Tier
38 - Command: xForm 101
You gain 80 Armor class.
Shield of Bravery Tier
41 - Command: xForm 102
You gain 100 Armor class.
Shield of Valor Tier
44 - Command: xForm 103
You gain 10 Armor class, 40 damage absorb.
Barrier of Courage Tier
47 - Command: xForm 104
You gain 20 Armor class, 40 damage absorb
Barrier of Bravery Tier
50 - Command: xForm 105
You gain 30 Armor class, 40 damage absorb.
Barrier of Valor Tier
60 - Command: xForm 300
You gain 125 Armor class.
Shield of Honor Tier
65 32 Command: xform ?
Your target suffers 2k damage each round for 20 rounds.
Singe of Good Tier
- 31 When using Focus boost, Focus Superboost, Focus Ultraboost, you no londer get stunned.
All three BOOST foci no longer stun when used
- 32 You can now disarm creatures up to level 62.
Disarm becomes effective against creatures up to level 62 ( 10 bonus)
- 33 If your target is of evil alignment, you gain a 30% damage boost when attacking them.
Paladin receives a 30% damage bonus against evil creatures
- 34 ArmorStrike now damages your opponents armor more effectively.
All "armor damaging" abilities have greater effectiveness (special weapons as well as armorstrike)
- 35 Focus Pierce now attacks twice in one round.
FOCUS PIERCE gains a 2nd "swing"
- 36 Focus Maxstrike now attacks three times in a round, but third attack is less effective.
MAXSTRIKE gains a 3rd, slightly less effective attack
- 37 You gain an additional 30% bonus to damage against evil aligned creatures.
Paladins gain an additional 30% bonus against E/E crits
- 38
Paladin gains a boost to shield blocking while holding a shield, and a bonus to shield penetration if the left hand is empty
- 39 You and your party gain a bonus to armor id based on your weapon skill.
Paladin AND his party gain a boost to AC, based on the skill of the weapon the paladin is holding
Tier Info
Xform Name Effect Recast Duration Lvl Req.
100 Shield of Courage 50 Armor Class
5 Rounds 50 Rounds 35
101 Shield of Bravery 80 Armor Class
5 Rounds 50 Rounds 38
102 Shield of Valor 100 Armor Class
5 Rounds 50 Rounds 41
103 Barrier of Courage 10 Armor Class, 40 Damage Absorption, 25hp Reverse damage
5 Rounds 50 Rounds 44
104 Barrier of Bravery 20 Armor Class, 40 Absorption, 50hp Reverse damage
5 Rounds 50 Rounds 47
105 Barrier of Valor 30 Armor Class, 40 Absorption, 75hp Reverse damage
5 Rounds 50 Rounds 50
300 Shield of Honor 125 Armor Class
5 Rounds 50 Rounds 60
? Singe of Good 2k Damage per round to evil targets
(Requires skill 32)
100 Rounds 20 Rounds 65
Shield of nobility x Armor class
(Requires skill 34)
Wave of good X damage per round to evil targets
(Requires skill 34)
Bulwark of Law x Armor class
(Requires skill 38)

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Paladin Skill and Tier Info
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