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 Basilisk (baskie)

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Basilisk (baskie) Empty
PostSubject: Basilisk (baskie)   Basilisk (baskie) EmptyWed Nov 09, 2011 11:02 pm

Basilisk (baskie)

To get enchanted, go to Volcano Town (VT) downstair, in the north-west corner. Tell Kuron "Kur, secret". Kuron will ask to bring her a corpse. Brin her the corpse, and tell her again "Kur, secret" and you are enchanted, ready to enter basilisk lair.

Basilisk (baskie) Kuronpic

Climb down from Volcano Town (VT), and swim in the north-west direction until the entrance of the lair.

Basilisk (baskie) Basilisktwig

The only place inside the lair where you can make a twig is where i did draw a red "T".
If basilisk kill you, you are turned into a statue. Great... you will not root ! One way to get back to flesh, is that some drop your statue on an healer. (with some coins...)

Basilisk (baskie) Baskieshieldtrader

Once the basilisk is killed, (you have to be there and alive to hear the death), take the corpse, and tan it (tanner is just beside Kuron).
Then, go in the north-east corner and trade with Bavic the scale for the baskie shield.
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Basilisk (baskie)
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