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 Nameless Keeps

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PostSubject: Nameless Keeps   Sat Jan 07, 2012 6:52 pm

Nameless Keeps
Nameless Land Surface Map

Come here in search of keep rings aswell as a crest amulet to gain access to keep-2

Casts psi-crush and stun
60-62k exp

Casts energy-spear.
Protected by energyshield
60-62k exp

Attacks from a distance with thier bows
60-62k exp

Casts blind and hit with a staff
60-62k exp

Area drops:
Uncut emeralds,
Lair gems,
Wooden staves,
Wooden bows,
Keep rings,
Crest amulet,
Small ore rocks (1 lb)

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Nameless Keeps
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