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 Bandit Lord Ring

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Bandit Lord Ring Empty
PostSubject: Bandit Lord Ring   Bandit Lord Ring EmptyMon Jan 09, 2012 3:14 am

Bandit Lord Ring

Bandit Lord Ring Bandit11

Bandit Lord Ring Outerb11Bandit Lord Ring Impmer10Bandit Lord Ring Innerb10Bandit Lord Ring Bandit12Bandit Lord Ring Jelter11Bandit Lord Ring Bandit13

To get access to the Bandit Lord, you must find the the Bandit Lord Inner Door Key which is a rare drop from creatures in the Ice Flows. The Bandit Lord Outer Door Key is got from tradeing and Improve Merkon Short Sword with Yomin in Graine Town.
This will give you access to the Bandit Lord lair, after you have killed the Bandit Lord you must take his Bandit Lord Head to Jelterban at the Jelterban Hedge on the Nameless Land Surface who will give you a Bandit Lord Ring. To be able to trade with Jelterban you must faction.

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Bandit Lord Ring
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