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 Introduction to NL, optional.

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Introduction to NL, optional. Empty
PostSubject: Introduction to NL, optional.   Introduction to NL, optional. EmptySat Feb 04, 2012 2:35 am

In the original NL days the first thing we had to do was to break that lvl cap to 55 until we could do the primal quest, REAL so far has just been doing the primal quest but that means that you will only ever gain in the decayinglands and the first NL area becomes void and I'm guessing you will want to get 55 before you progress.

Once you reach level 50, dedicate to the primal quest.
Halgroth, path (if good aligned) in graine village.
Primas, path (if neutral aligned) in nameless town.
Necro, path (if evil aligned) in homlet.

First things first you need to get yourself 200 akronium coins for Emergon. To get the coins you need to collect 200lbs of ore from Minlok or Greendragon, guildies can help collect. You also need to head over to Arnes in Nameless town after you have obtained an 2 Apple saplings and 2 Dryad parts to get two coin molds. Speak to Jebroon and get two akronium blocks and then speak with Emerax in SE Nameless town to get two lots of akronium coins.

Bring them to Emergon on the Nameless land surface and once complete you will be able to gain exp untill level 55 in certain areas.

Now you can gain we need to get you into dornar for 5 levels. Obtain a Brigand heart and hold it in right hand, find a dryad and say hello (Dryad, hello) then head over to nameless town and speak with Mekik, then go visit Kimja who resides outside South west town, Bring Dryad bread to him.

The factioning is a part of getting to the decayinglands, it's tedious but most guildies are willing to help out. First you require to be factioned with either nameless or graine
(13000 points) We normally kill the Sentries and elites in SE town and you start at 10k points. Dip,graine will show you your progress.

Talk to the cryptkeeper for your faction,
he will ask for an Akronium block, some forgotten dust and a dragon heart.

Bring these to him and you gain access to the great halls.

Skilling can be done in forgottens if you have a mage handy or your pally can MS down with ease.

The rest of the later info can be found here

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Introduction to NL, optional.
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