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 Acidron acor tactics.

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Acidron acor tactics. Empty
PostSubject: Acidron acor tactics.   Acidron acor tactics. EmptySun Feb 19, 2012 12:23 am

With help from Vampster and Cobra I managed to gather this info.

Ideal setup: 2 healer..2 pallies and 5 ma's all hasted with running out ment takes 30 acid pots per AcidronAcor. Sticks do not "need" acid pots.
AA will cast acid per char thats there. So healers.ments and fighting classes splits into groups but Acidronacor will give a message two rounds before he will use acid, every 15 rounds. Everyone should just run south and return after acid has been cast.
Cobra had healers on east wall 4 away so only got hit by 1 acid each.
Barbs fuck things up.
Pallies go bait one corner.. ma's on top
1 healer with each group and ment for hasting.
4 corners with 1.1.1 and then many in the last.
Imagine 2 healers one hex... taking acid casted at each healer, double the trouble, spread out. 1 healer apart, you only get one burst.
1 healer one the other..ment the other and the fighters one. pallies must keep bait
Never let aa be in center.

Goes like this.... once in kill mobs all around aa... pick off cort and make sure all in his lair.. send pallys send healers..send hastes ma's.. ment jumps in and out for haste only.

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Acidron acor tactics.
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