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 Uzi Amulet

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PostSubject: Uzi Amulet   Uzi Amulet EmptySun Nov 13, 2011 4:48 pm

Uzi Amulet

Uzi Amulet is located near Frore

The Uzi is guarded by 6 Liches. Each one holding the key to get into the next one's lair.
Start at Frore south gate.
Move SE till you get to a set of buildings, one will have a long hole in the floor.
Jump down the NE portion of the hole. There you will find yourself in a hidden cave with a building.
You can door into the building, from the NW corner about 6 steps east or so.
There you move SW till you come to the first Liches room.
Kill him and take his amulet. Holding his amulet in your right hand step into the center of his lair.
This will teleport you to the next Liches lair.
Repeat this till you come to a large lair.
This is Papa Lich, he is wearing the Uzi amulet.
Kill him and take what is yours.

Note - The amulet only ties to you if you pick up the amulet. It is safe for you to pick up the body and dex it somewhere (the body does not tie).
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Uzi Amulet
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