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 Jillian Area Information

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Jillian Area Information Empty
PostSubject: Jillian Area Information   Jillian Area Information EmptySat Jan 07, 2012 3:21 pm

Jillian Area Information

Nameless Land Surface Map

Jillian Area Information Jill10The home of Jillian.

Visit her to return to nork
(Jill, nork)

Or to go to green dragon hatcheries
(Jill, Gdh)
*Requires Gh and lvl 35*

Visit Diplomat to check your current faction
(Dip, graine)
(Dip, Miners)
(Dip, Bandits)
(Dip, Nameless one)

1 to 9999 as enemy
10000 to 12999 as Neutral
13000 as Friend

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Jillian Area Information
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