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 Aleria Good Quest

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Aleria Good Quest Empty
PostSubject: Aleria Good Quest   Aleria Good Quest EmptyWed Nov 09, 2011 11:09 pm

Aleria Good Quest

you need to go Loranon and say Lor, sever .
you have to break off any existing allegiance or otherwise all the stuff you do will be wasted if you're attached to another allegiance

Before you start, you will need to be G/G. You may go and kill the critters before you start. In any case, you will need to have killed and tanned a Winter Wolf and have BanditLord Shortsword, Seldari Queen Cup, Mujaba's Key and GoblinKing's Axe before completing the quest. If you have people already enchanted, then they only need the Key. None of the items acquired in the Evil Aleria Quest will work in the Good Quest and visa versa, you must do them again to do the other quest. The following is a series of NPC's and their commands, more or less correct. I have also included the place where you must have killed the critter/NPC.

Caspian - Cas,Kassel
(Kill Bandit Lord and go back to Caspian and drop the Bandit Lord Shortsword)
Lord Talinar - Tal, quest
you need to go to Eldoral (located in town) and say Eld, allegiance
Caspian - Cas, promotion
Lord Talinar - Tal, fur
(Kill Winter Wolf and tan the fur. Go to Arogar and drop fur)
Arogar - Aro, fur
Lord Talinar - Tal, fur
(Drop the coins you have recieved from trading the fur(s)
Tal, coins
Caspian - Cas, promotion
Lady Ela - Lad, hello
(she will send you to King Borav) King Borav - Kin, alliance
Kin, goblin
Kin, treaty
Kin, deal
(Kill Goblin King and take his axe back to King Borav. Beware the Fool and the zoo!) Kin, axe
(Take the ring you are given to Lady Ela) Lady Ela - Lad, liadaril
Lad, secret
Lad, seldari
Lad, allies
(Kill Seldari Queen Cyressa and take cup back to Lady Ela. Hold the cup in hand)
Lad, goblet
(She will give you her goblet send you back to Caspian)
Caspian - Cas, dub
(This makes you the Champion of Carrena)
Lord Talinar - Tal, quest
(Kill Mujaba and take Mujaba Key)
Kor, Sever
(This will drop you in the EVIL dungeon so be aware there are hazards ahead!)
(Use Mujaba Key to get past first skull.)
The words to pass Hessian before getting to Koss :
Hes, ela
Hes, borav
Hes, talinar
(Kill Lord Koss. Take his Morningstar)
(You may use the Morningstar to pool hits ala MA class or take back to Talinar and trade for one of three items:
1. Fortune ( 1 meg GP )
2. G/G Featherfall Helm - +1 will and dance when stunned)
3. Fame ( Charisma Potion ) [center]
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Aleria Good Quest
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